Research and Technology Experts

Leverage the power of technology to facilitate complex problem solving

Problem Solvers

Engage with sophisticated problems that require deep expertise

Team Builders

Join a growing dynamic team of innovators and thought leaders

Alpha Hunters

Our objective is to provide superior risk adjusted returns to our investors

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quαntPORT is a process driven investment management group consisting of a team of researchers, traders and technologists who harness and apply the power of technology and automation to identify, model and trade global financial markets.
quαntPORT uses a systematic approach, utilizing cutting edge research, technology, data and people with the objective to generate exceptional risk adjusted returns for our investors over the business cycle.
In the fast paced dynamic world of systematic trading we recognize the importance of the changing state of the environment, be it financial markets, technology or data.
We know that we need to constantly develop our business, our team and as individuals to meet these challenges.
We offer numerous opportunities for members of our team to grow and develop. We believe in investing in individuals and the benefits of diversity.
We encourage a culture of continuous learning with coding courses, guest speakers, conferences, alongside many of our other personal development opportunities.


We believe and adhere to a philosophy of intellectual and professional honesty and humility. The research process is a continuous and evolving one that requires constant learning and collaboration with the aim to achieve exceptional results. A diverse set of experiences and expertise enable us to strive for truly differentiated results.

We believe that the best way to solve complex and challenging problems is by creating a framework and culture that fosters success.


quαntPORT encourages a culture of diversity, inclusion and team work to achieve our goals.


A happy and fulfilling workplace environment fosters success and we encourage quαntPORT to be that kind of home.

Technologists and Data Scientists

We seek those who are committed to the continuous task of building a cutting edge technology and data stack

Researchers and Academics

Experts from a variety of fields with a desire to excel will find a rewarding and intellectually challenging environment at quαntPORT

Expert Practitioners

Those with unique insights into our industry are valued and will find a home at quαntPORT. Our goal is to ensure that every team member is empowered with the resources they need to succeed.

Operations and Support

We look for best in class operations and support team members. This team's dedication is recognized as one of the essential elements to having a world class team and business that is capable of world class results

Team Builders

dynamic team of innovators and thought leaders