About us

QuαntPORT is a systematic asset management platform utilizing advanced technology, data and people seeking to generate exceptional risk adjusted returns for our investors

Who we are

Our team consists of a range of employees from entry level to tenured experts across a variety of disciplines including finance, academia, technology, data and operations from around the world.

We are a tight-knit team that strives for exceptionalism.

What we do

We utilize the scientific method to create and implement quantitative trading strategies across global financial markets.

We apply these strategies over a diverse set of time-frames, styles, geographies and markets to create portfolios designed to maximize risk adjusted returns for our investors.

We blend technology, academia and finance to create an environment where ingenuity backed by rigorous research and deep industry expertise leads to a success oriented culture.


We believe in intellectual and professional honesty and humility.

The research process is often a continuous and evolving one that requires constant learning and collaboration to achieve exceptional results.

We believe that by embracing a diverse set of experiences and expertise we will be enable to produce truly differentiated results.

We believe that the best way to solve complex and challenging problems is by creating a framework and culture that fosters success.


2006: Core team joins Jefferies LLC in the equities division and starts proprietary trading of systematic equities strategies

2007: The team expands to trade systematic short term futures strategies

2010: The team moves to Jefferies Investment Advisers, LLC, a registered investment adviser, and starts to manage external capital under the Strategic Investments Division platform

2011: The Structured Alpha Fund, our first co-mingled vehicle, is launched

2013: The systematic Managed Futures Program is offered on a standalone basis

2014: The Grouper Equity Market Neutral Program commences trading

2017: Regulatory AUM reaches US $5.0B

2018: Platform rebranded as quαntPORT

Our workplace

We provide a relaxed work environment and plenty of social events throughout the year to build on and re-enforce our collaborative culture.